We are THEPACK, a bunch of talented artists working on every aspect of digital imagery, supported by a powerful infrastructure and a solid production team. We create stunning VFX work for movies, TV series and advertising. “Pixel Perfect” is our baseline, in our POST production suites and theatre. We enjoy bringing characters to life in ANIMATION series, GAMES or hybrid VR projects, as we strongly believe that REAL-TIME content will be the 3rd digital image revolution.

THEPACK is a new entity, with offices in all 3 Belgian regions, Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, and is built on the more than 25 years of combined expertise of the three companies it emerged from: Ace Image Factory, The Fridge and NOZON. Each of them have been recognised as leading players in the Belgian industry and from now on our clients will be able to enjoy all their competences under one roof. Welcome to THEPACK.

Cool Abdoul

Production - Potemkino, N279, Beluga Tree

Director - Jonas Baeckeland

DOP - Martijn Van Broekhuizen

ONLINE.ThePack - Robin, Nick, Maxim

VFX.ThePack - Nozon Team

DIT.ThePack - Ilton, Maxim

VFX Producer: Jan Daghelinckx

Post Producer: Nicolaas Christiaen

IKEA Bottles

Agency - Wieden & Kennedy Shangai

Production - Adult

Directors - Terri Timely

Nozon - 3D, VFX, Compositing

Online - Donat

VFX, 3D, Comp - Nozon Team

VFX - Carmen, Donat, Ann, Chris, Mike, Xavier, Mike

Jailbirds VR Film

Production by

BE Revolution Pictures & Digital Rise

Director - Thomas Villepoux

THEPACK - 3D, Development

3D - Jef, Sarah, Nawfal, Kevin, Julien, Rik

Development - David, Dieter, Tony, Laurens

Les Miserables - BBC Short Series

Production - Lookout Point, CZAR

Director - Tom Shankland

DOP - Stephan Pehrsson


On-set DIT - Maxim, Simon

CTO - Niels


Production - Propaganda Italia - Potemkino - MACT

Director - Igor Tuveri

DOP - Nicolai Bruël

OLINE.THEPACK - Editing, Online, VFX

Online - Robin, Nick, Niels

VFX Producers: Jan Daghelinckx, Carmen Sanchez

Compositing - Herman, Alexandre, Miguel, Makis, Kenneth, Irina

VFX - Donat, Ann, Chris, Mike, Xavier, Mike


From screen replacements to digital crowds, life-saving CGI explosions, creatures and FX simulations, we have you covered! From the script stage through early pre-production until the final graded image, a solid team with multiple CG supervisors is ready to tackle your most demanding VFX work. Check out some of their amazing work in the highlighted projects, or in our showreel.


Our post-production PACK offers you everything you need to finish your film or TV series. From offline conversions and editorial services to grading, finishing and mastering in 4K. Come by and experience our wonderful theatre, in which you can admire your project on the same 4K DCI projection as in theatres worldwide.


If you want to see the borders between the real world and the meta-verse disappear, come and talk to us. Once you've put on the latest VR headsets and been immersed in the mesmerising world of VR you will never come back.
While completing some exciting VR projects for corporate clients like Danone, we were honoured to receive the news that a short VR film we made for Thomas Villepoux of Digital Rise had been selected for the Tribeca festival! Watch out and keep an eye on this section of our work, as a lot more will emerge from our VR PACK in the upcoming months.


This is pretty new for us, but with extensive experience in real time projects, we couldn’t hold our enthusiasm and so have dived head first into games. We love them story driven - we are film people after all! - but we are more than happy to create some serious content for our corporate clients too. Reach out if you want us to manage "the controllers” for your next game project.


From short 30 seconds animated commercials to full features in 3D, we love to bring characters to life and render them straight onto the screen. It is very helpful for our clients that we control the whole post-production flow of their animated projects. We can help, consult and deliver everything, as intended, to any screen you prefer: cinema?, mobile? a VR headset? We can provide the full pack.


On set, while you focus on the shoot, we manage your DATA , your colour workflow and your peace of mind. We have different setups to cover the specific needs of your production. Simple data management kits, but also a fully equipped van, with an integrated PostLab, where DOP and director can screen and tweak their rushes on the spot.


On the serious side of pixels, data and metadata flow alongside your images. Our in-house DEV team works tirelessly to structure this data and create all the tools that are invaluable for our artists' day-to-day work, supporting them and helping them get their work done in the most efficient way. At the same time they put a lot of passion into bringing life and interactivity to your game and VR projects. Perhaps your artists could also benefit from their support and ingenuity? See here the very exciting solution we have built to integrate real time tools for creating Animation, VR and games : SYNK.


Come over and have a peek at the engine of THEPACK!

4K, 40-seat grading theatre

TV color grading suites

Mastering and finishing suites

Offline edit bays

60+ artist workstations

VR client room with HTC Vive Pro or Valve Index

Over 2 petabytes of server storage

LTO 5, 6, 7 tape backup libraries

80+ blades strong render farm

1Gbit fiber symmetrical internet uplink

40Gbit dark fiber interconnect between our offices

Come over and have a peek at the engine of THEPACK!

4K, 40-seat grading theatre

TV color grading suites

Mastering and finishing suites

Offline edit bays

60+ artist workstations

VR client room with HTC Vive Pro or Valve Index

Over 2 petabytes of server storage

LTO 5, 6, 7 tape backup libraries

80+ blades strong render farm

1Gbit fiber symmetrical internet uplink

40Gbit dark fiber interconnect between our offices

While we are always primarily focused on creativity, bringing ambitious projects to a pixel-perfect end is simply impossible without the support of a powerful and solid infrastructure.


With over 20 years of experience in servicing the most demanding clients in the advertising space, we are the perfect partner to deliver high quality visual effects and 3D animation for commercials. From a detailed digital packshot to fully fledged 90-second CGI campaigns, we thrive in executing agencies' visions and respecting tight deadlines. Shoots in China or South Africa? A mixed remote vfx pipeline across different time zones? Our commercial team has seen and excelled at that, and more.


We are a well known player in the European cinema market. We have completed a broad range of projects dedicated to the Big Screen for Belgian and international clients. With outstanding facilities and a 40-seat 4K theatre, be it an art house film, or a big VFX heavy production, we are adept at handling all cinema projects with the love and technical precision they need! Also check out the financing section to see how we can help you on the financial side as well.


Many of the successful TV series produced by our clients for national, international or streaming platform distribution, have been worked on by our artists and technical specialists. Conformation, online work or 4K grading and mastering, we handle it "Pixel perfect", with ease and a smile!


We offer unique access to financing incentives in Belgium, both on the Federal and Regional level. Finance at least 45% of all your Belgian expenses through the Belgian Tax Shelter. No application nor jury is required, putting Belgium amongst the European top in terms of financial returns. Regional incentives: with registered offices in the 3 Belgian regions (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia), THEPACK offers unique flexibility in function of your project’s needs, while still respecting the specific regulations of each Region.


Your own IP? A co-production? Or a game-like experience for engaging your clients? We offer a full game development team. Our developers and artists can work hand in hand with you to create a unique and dazzling gameplay experience. Look at the financing section of our website to see how we can help you finance your game.


Our reputation in corporate communication is based on our ability to listen to your needs and suggest the most appropriate solution. A unique selling point of THEPACK is our experience with real time technology. We are able to turn an animated 3D video into a VR experience, a game, an engaging post on social media or any other platform you want to reach. By using these technologies we are not only future-proofing our production offer, but also ensuring a bigger return on investment for you.


Talent = everything. At THEPACK you will encounter a deeply motivated and diverse team of specialists. (We will soon be introducing them one by one to you, but for now, try to spot who is a developper, an online artist or producer). Our "Packers" are all keen to get to know you!


Contact us in the region you are interested in.
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